Zorawar Kalra announces cloud kitchen brand

Zorawar Kalra, Founder and Director of Massive Restaurants has entered into the cloud kitchen segment with the launch of ‘Butter Delivery’. Banking on the rise of online food delivery, Zorawar’s new venture has an exciting concept with only 10 dishes on its menu. Currently serving in Delhi NCR, Butter Delivery will soon be expanded to nine cities across the country.

Kalra speaking in an interview said, “Restaurants have always been innovative; that’s the nature of our business. So you have to add other avenues of business. One cool thing is that because of COVID, deliveries really picked up. Even for restaurants like mine, which are dine-in destinations. That’s how we launched Butter Delivery. There’s huge scalability, with huge possibilities for growth. We won’t just utilise existing restaurants but will have delivery-based hubs. There will be some fallout, as there’s a lot of clutter in the cloud kitchen system. But (the system) is here to stay.”

He further added, “Butter Delivery is our first cloud kitchen concept. We are definitely looking at more cloud kitchens as we are working on some very cool delivery-only models. We might look at ready-made kitchens, in which we can plug-and-play our brands. It is better to not build your own kitchen because there are so many people now that have readymade kitchens for a fraction of your running cost, with no capex, and that will give you a nation-wide network. We plan to expand Butter Delivery to 9 cities of the country and across the length and breadth of the major cities. It is a work of passion, for our love of butter. It is an ode to butter chicken, butter dal and all our other favourites.”