Nano Weddings out, Big Fat is back: Gagan Katyal

In the past two years, coronavirus restrictions had dimmed the light and lustre of the Big Fat India Wedding but thankfully, things are changing now. According to Mr Gagan Katyal, Head of Sales & Marketing, Ananta Hotels & Resorts, the grandeur of  Indian Weddings is back in business. He says, “From nano-weddings during the coronavirus crisis to now back to large setups, people are looking at grand celebrations, and in fact, considering multiple venues. Wedding dates are all sold out. So everybody is now looking at filling up non-saaya dates.” Adding to the hopes, the festive season looks promising. He feels, “For us, Gujarat is a huge support market for us. Diwali brings huge business, driving bookings for venues and room occupancy. He further adds that luxury resorts, in particular, are high in demand as wedding venues because they offer great value for money, choice of multiple venues and privacy. “When customers come to our resorts, we spread the variety of venues and offer them the opportunity of utilising the inventory,” he adds.