Multiple agencies claiming royalty for playing music: FHRAI

    FHRAI has written to Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade (DPIIT) highlighting that “the hospitality industry and its customers are undergoing untold hardships on a day-to-day basis for usage of the copyright music, which makes it evident that some concrete measures beyond the setting up of an e-marketplace is required to provide real relief to the industry and millions of its customers/public”.

    Following issues have been flagged by FHRAI to DPIIT:

    • Multiple agencies claiming royalty for the same class of work or multiple agencies representing different class of works, demanding royalty for the same event or use.
    • No harmony among the agencies and entitlements of agencies not decided.
    • Non-copyright society in the business of issuing copyright licenses.
    • Denial to accept the sanctity of Section 52 (1) (za).