Karma Group Celebrates 26 Years in India

    Karma Group recently celebrated 26 years of operations in India. Marking this milestone, Chairman and Founder John Spence awarded the Preverger Penguin Prize Scholarship to several talented students from Christel House India in Bengaluru. Karma Group is known for its commitment to making a difference to the society at large and has been supporting this organisation since its inception.
    Christel House India was founded in 2001, and since then, Karma Group has supported several of its programmes. Christel House has been successful in providing robust K–12 education and a strong character development programme, as well as regular healthcare, nutritious meals, guidance counselling, career planning, family assistance and College & Careers support for underprivileged children. Karma Group raises funds with its annual Penguin Walk, held at Karma’s renowned Le Preverger estate near St. Tropez in France, to provide full university scholarships to three students from the institute.
    Karma Group has empowered these students to pursue their dreams of tertiary education by removing the financial barriers in their path. These students are given the opportunity to become a part of the fabric of India’s future in business and the community, transforming their lives forever. One such student, Ms. Sindhu P, expressed her gratitude for the incredible support from Mr. John Spence and Karma Group. Being a scholarship awardee, Sindhu will now be able to pursue a Bachelor in Hotel Management at one of the best universities in India, turning her dreams into a reality. “I fondly recall one of my experiences during fifth grade,” said Sindhu. “At one of the initiatives under Karma Cares, I enjoyed a five-day holiday at Camp Royal in Goa, which was a life-changing experience. I’m immensely grateful to Mr. Spence for his support.”
    Karma Group has been awarding this scholarship for 14 years, as well as conducting a five-day, fully-funded camp for the children since 2002. Each student associated with the initiative has benefited from the scholarship, and all of them are doing well in their respective fields and academic endeavours.
    “Karma Group has enjoyed an incredible journey in the Indian travel and hospitality industry for over 26 years and along the way it has been a true privilege to make a difference to the futures of many wonderfully gifted students and through them their communities,” said John Spence, Chairman and Founder, Karma Group. “These scholarships serve as the perfect way to celebrate both our successes, and those of these talented and promising students. Whatever you give to the universe comes back and that’s where the whole ‘karma’ thing comes from. I believe it’s everyone’s duty to do what they can to help the world around them and this is at the heart of all of our global enterprises.”