India records the highest booking in February: RateGain Technologies

According to the PULSE report formulated by RateGain Technologies, the current week is the best so far in 2021 with 24.7K check-ins higher than December 2020. Besides, Udaipur that saw the highest amount of engagement in India on Facebook and was followed close on heels by Mumbai. While India’s recovery in January slid back as it had only domestic travel to rely on (as compared to the last year’s influx of international travelers and corporate travel), actual check-in data for February gives a very promising picture of 2021.

India has witnessed the highest check-ins at 24.7K during the 8th week of 2021, or the current week, which is even higher than the Christmas month when we saw India’s recovery crossing 116 per cent.

Bookings also surged in Goa for both Week 7 (15th Feb) and 8 (22nd Feb) by over 20 per cent after it had dipped in January. The cities that saw a spike due to Valentine’s Day and Wedding Season were Jaipur, Shimla, Mumbai, Pondicherry, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, and Delhi.

The report has surfaced a good amount of engagement on both Facebook and Instagram as far as the cities in India are concerned. However, the stand-out city in January turned out to be Udaipur. It saw the highest amount of engagements on Facebook, followed close on heels by Mumbai which typically ranks higher owing to the presence of celebrities and influencers that drive engagement for Hotels.

Pune and Jaipur were respectively third and fourth on Instagram even though they lagged behind New Delhi on Facebook. The reason for this would be the last-minute traveling of millennials in the age group of 25 to 40 years, who would have traveled to Jaipur from Delhi and Pune from Mumbai on the Republic Day long weekend, thereby pushing engagement across these locations higher.

Since the summer season is arriving, even the hotels in the UK, the UAE, and Indonesia are observing a massive surge in engagement on Instagram. Hotels are currently running campaigns to get travelers engaged for the summer and helping them start planning their trips.