Best culinary artists

ICF presented the 18th Annual Chef Awards alongside the 9th edition of Knowledge Summit to honour chefs and their extraordinary contribution to the industry in commemoration of International Chefs Day.

In the presence of Chief Guest, K.B. Kachru, Chairman Emeritus and Principal Advisor, Radisson Hotel Group, South Asia, and other top-notch names from the culinary fraternity, awards were bestowed on the best chefs in 16 categories. With its 18th edition, the Annual Chef Awards continued their legacy of providing chefs with a platform to showcase their culinary, preparation, and presentation skills while also being honoured. The Indian Culinary Forum (ICF) held the 9th edition of its Knowledge Summit. The Knowledge Summit provides a forum for discussing issues affecting the industry and charting the industry’s future course.

The 9th Chef Summit’s theme was “A Healthy Planet for Future Generations: A Step Toward Sustainability,” and it was held over three sessions. V.S. Datta was the guest of honour for the occasion. The Knowledge Summit provides a forum for discussing issues related to the duty of passing on the knowledge and culinary abilities to the next generation of chefs. The first panel discussed post-pandemic innovative gastronomic trends: survival strategies. Maneesh Baheti moderated the session, and panellists included Surjit Dhillon and chefs Davinder Kumar, Manish Mehrotra, and Rajeev Janveja. The panel explored the HACCP perspective in the aftermath of COVID-19.

The second session’s theme was ‘Sustainability through Consumption: A New Mantra’. Chefs Saby, Vinod Bhatti, Ankit Gaurav, and Prakarshi Pulkit were on the panel, which was moderated by Chef Vineet Manocha. The panel discussed the sustainable consumption mantra, promoting a plant-based diet while stressing the importance of limiting and naturalising available ingredients to attain sustainability. The point of being vocal for local was also discussed.

The third session emphasised the development of culinary skills, including knowledge, skills, and attitude. Chefs V.S. Datta, Amit Wadhera, Aditya Jaimini, and Utkash Bhalla acted as panellists for Chef Rajiv Gulshan’s session, which was chaired by him. The session’s focus was on bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Chef Davinder Kumar, President, ICF, says, “In our bid to encourage them to match the international standards, the prime objective of the Chef Awards is to provide the chefs with a platform where they can exhibit their culinary, preparation, and presentation skills and get rewarded for the same. The event also serves as a medium to bring the best out of the upcoming chefs while also maximising the potential of the existing ones for their growth in the sector.”

The Chef Awards were preceded by a three-day culinary competition at the Indian Culinary Institute in Noida, where over 100 chefs from starred hotels and highend standalone restaurants competed in 10 different categories for the Best Chef awards. The jury was comprised of well-known chefs and was presided over by a WACS-certified chef. The jury chairperson was Chef Umesh Mattoo, while the organising secretary was Chef Sireesh Saxena. The Chef Awards also honoured industry veterans in six other categories, with winners chosen by a panel of eminent jurors.

Chef Vivek Saggar, General Secretary, ICF, says, “The platform will not merely be a competition as chefs will be updated with modern techniques and mechanisms. The right training can take you places, and therefore, the Chef Awards are more than just a competition. For 18 years now, the association has been giving due recognition to the unknown faces that bring smiles to the faces of diners. By imparting improved education and organising grand industry-specific events, we keep moving one step ahead and set new benchmarks in the hospitality industry.”

“The event serves as a medium to bring the best out of the upcoming