Ayatana launches second resort in Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Ayatana has opened its doors in Ooty, Tamil Nadu providing a luxurious and culturally rich experience. Derived from the Sanskrit word Sanctuary, Ayatana is more than just a premium full-service hospitality establishment.

Commenting on the launch, Vishal Tony, Founder, Ayatana, Ooty said, “Given the post-COVID world, we wanted to keep in mind that people crave the outdoors even more than before. It is essential to weave the fact that Ayatana offers an escape from everyday life into the design and language of the Ooty property. Our aim is not just to let people consume a single product or service, but a combination of experiences. We want to make Ayatana Ooty dedicated to creating unforgettable memories as we recognize the need to emphasize the unique and authentic qualities that make a weekend memorable.”