AccorHotels India promotes emotional well-being with professional counselling service hotline

According to various research reports, 46% of the workforce in organisations in India suffer from some or the other form of chronic stress that may be harmful to both physical and emotional health This can be caused by work performance related expectations, relationship problems, big city blues and loneliness, lifestyle problems and an always connect work and lifestyle, etc. Recognizing emotional wellbeing as an important issue, AccorHotels has launched the AccorHotels Employee Wellbeing and Assistance Program, a program that will help the employees to remain calm under pressure, be better prepared to deal with difficult people, situations and relationships, support them to secure resolution of personal/professional issues before these become a serious challenge. The Program gives the business units employees 24 X 7 access to experienced and trained counsellors to help them achieve emotional wellbeing during stressful situations and support them becoming MINDFUL.
Spearheading the launch of this initiative, Ashwin Shirali, Vice President – Talent and Culture, India & South Asia said, “Employees are at the heart of everything AccorHotels does and their wellbeing and welfare is the Group’s utmost priority. This initiative is a step towards enabling our employees deal with an increasingly stressful world. Today, emotional wellbeing still has a stigma attached to it , we are confident this initiative will, for our valued employees, bring to their doorstep a facility that they can confidentially and easily access to find a resolution to their emotional wellbeing challenges.”