Trade Promoters Council of India organises tea-tasting session with Amy B. Dubin

Trade Promoters Council of India (TPCI), the apex trade and investment promotion organization today organized an experiential and Tea Tasting session with renowned Tea Consultant for the Food & Beverage industry Amy B. Dubin. Well known Chef Kumar Sambhav was also present at the session which presented some unique recipes and flavors of Indian tea.
TPCI invited Amy Dubin to curate an experiential session representing Indian Tea, honoring her ability to create culture and teach vocabulary around tea with the understanding of the complex US market. She had her first cup of Indian Masala Chai in 1999 in Mumbai which boosted her curiosity for Indian tea, which is now her professional life’s work. After her initial trip to India, she did an extensive research on Indian Tea with multiple meetings with the Tea Board of India office in New York City. Amy established a tea shop in New York City in 2004 with the name Janam Indian Tea post another long trip to Indian tea gardens of Assam, Darjeeling, Coonoor, Coimbatore and Cochin. She reestablished Janam Tea as an Afternoon Tea room in 2006 where guests are treated to a British-inspired tea service, with sandwiches, scones and sweets with pots of premium, single-estate Indian teas from all across the country.
Master culinary craftsman Kumar Sambhav gave a taste of some famed dishes modified for the international palate during the session. Tea curator Amy Dubin regaled with her knowledge and anecdotes about teas from gardens spread across the length and breadth of the Country.
An exclusive sampling of Indian cuisines created for a global audience and an introduction to the variegated and wonderful world of Indian teas by two of the finest authorities on the subjects set the pace for what one looks forward to at the World Supermarket of Indian food, IndusFood-II 2019.The second edition of IndusFood, India’s official, export-focused Food & Beverage Trade fair showcasing the country’s best line-up of food & agriculture products for global buyers will be held on January 14-15, 2019 in the Delhi NCR.

Sharing his thoughts, Mohit Singla, Chairman Trade Promotion Council of India (TPCI), which is organising the second edition of IndusFood at India Exposition Mart in Greater Noida on January 14-15, 2019, said, “India as a country is uniquely blessed as it possesses such a wide variety of agricultural produce, be they cereals, spices, fruits or other similar commodities. We have been exporting whatever we have been producing in excess. Although there is scope to grow and export more commodities, it is time now that we as a country must create products and brands for the global audience. TPCI, through IndusFood, has already taken the first steps in this direction by identifying value-added products that have potentialto share space with other similar products on the international market shelves.”

Mr. Singla further added, “It is now time for Indian chefs and other companies in F&B to come up with competitive and exclusive brands based on Indian culinary expertise, fine-tuned for the world palette. India, already a land synonymous with healthy and tasty food, has the potential to become the powerhouse supplier of products to the global mainstream market, with consumers beyond the Indian diaspora and this will happen when Indian culinary experts start focusing on making in India products that gastronomically appeal to the international tastes.”

Although commodities are very much a part of IndusFood, IndusFood-II has focused on identifying value-added products that have the capacity to fill the market shelves of supermarkets across the world. A special pavilion for emerging brands entailing food innovation will be the focus of IndusFood-II, wherein even small companies but having innovative products will be showcased, which will help increase their visibility at the global level. IndusFood-II will also be having a special pavilion on Organic Food, to be set up by Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA).