The Kingsbury, Colombo, to reopen for guests from April 25

In a recent statement, The Kingsbury, Colombo, has said that the hotel will re-open for guests from April 25. The statement says, “The recent events have been disturbing, however, our passion to serve our valued guests remains resilient in the face of these challenging times. The Kingsbury empathizes with all innocent victims of this senseless destruction and our hearts go out to the grieving families of all those affected. We are ready to welcome visitors to The Kingsbury from the April 25. Hotel accommodation, banquets and restaurants (Yue Chuan, CÉ LA VI, Kings Bar) will be functional to serve our clientele and we are equipped to serve you with even more
passion and determination, epitomizing the true Kingsbury spirit. Under the circumstances, we wish to reassure our guests that security has been strengthened and is fully geared to meet any eventualities in coordination with the state authorities. This includes enhanced security at the premises and the periphery of the hotel.”

“Such activities and activists want glory for their actions and we must not give them that. The immediate chaos after attacks is used by attackers to instill fear, divisiveness and spread rumors. We encourage people to travel to SriLanka and stay at The Kingsbury. Travel Trade should stand united and support our friendly neighbors to stand tall.” says Komal Seth, India representative, LINKIN Reps.