Technology to once more be on the forefront for hotels: Jatin Khanna

Speaking in one of the sessions of the virtual conference – TravTalk Digital Conclave, Jatin Khanna, Market Vice President- North India, Bhutan and Nepal at Marriott Hotels India, elaborated on the operational aspect and stressed on the fact that technology will take the front seat in hotel operations as we go forward. He said, “Today, one of the biggest problems of our industry is that we need to bring confidence back in our customers. Whenever the demand comes back, we need to ensure that our customers have complete confidence and faith in our hotels and brand in terms of safety.”

He adds,” Its a work in progress for everyone. When it comes to technology, we couldn’t have been at a better stage than today and it is the only positive which is coming out of this phase of our lives. The next wave of hotels’ renovation will have too much of technology and designs embedded in it. I believe that social distancing and technology will have a huge positive impact on our industry. We are a people first industry and technology is going to cut down on the mundane or the low level jobs, which will bring more efficiency for our people, where they can create better guest experiences.”