South African restaurant chain Barcelos to debut it’s all new concept ‘Rassasy by Barcelos’ in Mumbai

‘Rassasy by Barcelos’, the SA restaurant giant’s all new, premium concept restaurant makes its world debut via Mumbai on 19th July 2019. Finding a convenient home at The Orb near the International Airport, ‘Rassasy’ (which means ‘the satisfaction of a great meal’ is an all-day dining ‘Grill Kitchen & Bar’ that pays homage to the retro-chic of America’s early 50’s and the 60’s. As reflected in its interiors, food and music, Rassasy by Barcelos will carve it’s neighborhood niche by offering mouth-watering delicacies with a blend of traditional and modern, albeit in a quirky, colorful and fun atmosphere that brings the cool back in ‘old school nostalgia.’ The menu, inspired by European and American retro times, houses classics from across these regions, along with specially curated signature dishes made from local ingredients in each city it opens (in). Some signatures include Piri-piri Chicken wings and flame grilled whole chicken, Grilled chicken drumsticks, Espetadas, Grilled salmon with pesto sauce, Burritos, Sizzlers, Lasagne de carnevale to name a few.

You can find much to love across its wide 28 feet bar where one can drink their way across the world with Rassasy’s uncommon ’21 Sangria collection’ and more-than-holy beverage menu marked by a global selection of wines, signature cocktails and classic concoctions that all work in tandem to create a perfect evening. Drinks like Gin Jardim, Piri- Piri Daiquiri, Purple Pineapple, Bourbon on the beach, Rum sour and Oceans Sunset will keep you company till the whee hours of the night, making Rassasy your perfect new drinking buddy that cheers its way to a good life. All day, every day.