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Uttam Malani, Executive Director, Centuary Mattresses, talks about the brand’s uniqueness and how it continues to meet a hotelier’s demand of quality, quantity, and aesthetics.

What makes the Centuary brand unique?

Centuary Mattresses started 30 years back and during this long journey, we have gained a lot of experience with detailed customer understanding. We have strong capabilities in terms of technology and a robust in-house production facility which can meet any kind of requirement from various customers. Our specialised mattresses require special fabric with different combinations which Centuary can offer without any compromise on quality, quantity, or timely supply. We are well-equipped to customise a product case-to-case or place-to-place, depending on the need and purpose of the customer. The industry is maturing and growing like never before, so we would like to utilise our resources to meet the ever-growing demand and requirements with quality products at affordable prices, backed by warranty and after sales service.

Tell us about the challenges you face.

As of now, we don’t face any significant challenge. With such a rich experience, we have been able to fulfil the requirements of our customers as needed, be it large numbers or complicated compositions.

How do you ensure you are on a par with the expectations of hoteliers?

Centuary Mattresses is one of the pioneers in bedding solutions and offers variety with comfort. We offer solutions to hotels, educational institutes, corporate buyers, hostels, hospitals, etc., apart from the offline and online categories. The application or solution differs from residences to hotels. In our experience, we have seen that spring as a core component is a preferred choice of the hospitality sector. They also demand FRH fabric to have a bouncier and luxurious feel. In the case of the hospitality industry, the product specification mostly includes aesthetics, look, feel, design, and fabric. Our mattresses are therefore customised based on the hotel’s requirement and so far, we have always been able to match their expectations.

Kindly elaborate on your strategy to deal with competition.

Centuary Mattresses has been maintaining a strong leadership in metros as well as in rural markets. We have been pioneering many new technologies and products in the industry, which have helped us stay ahead of other market players. At Centuary, there is a lot of focus on offering products with new combinations. Our capability to manufacture all components of the mattress in-house has been an added advantage. Our manufacturing capacities are doubling every year and will continue to keep expanding in new areas in terms of market reach and placement. We have a strong network of over 200 exclusive brand outlets and over 3000 dealers across 18 states in the country. We have plans to rapidly increase this network in majority of the states and Union Territories.

How do you constantly reinvent the brand to stay relevant?

We strive to combine world-class infrastructure with cutting-edge technology and advanced materials to consistently deliver unmatched quality and finest sleep solutions backed by our Ulti-Matt technology. Ulti-Matt technology is the outcome of Centuary’s years of understanding the science of better sleep and hands-on knowledge of crafting mattresses that provide perfect sleep. There are three critical elements in Ulti-Matt technology – high quality material, intelligent manufacturing, and precision processes. Now, we are planning to launch new variants especially designed for the diversity of customers we cater to.