RepUp launches Xperium, an AI enabled CRM & Guest Engagement Cloud

RepUp consolidates its enterprise offering, launches Xperium, an AI enabled CRM & Guest Engagement Cloud. “Xperium”, a guest experience management platform that will help hotels own the Guest Journey and enhance the guest experience, through a unified inbox for all guest activity.

Currently, RepUp has over 3000 users across Europe, South & South East Asia, and the Americas. By using the RepUp platform, hospitality brands are able to successfully manage their online reputation, and run persona based marketing and up selling campaigns that result in increased revenue per guest, higher Average Daily Rates and increased direct business.

By using Xperium, hospitality brands will be able to get better control of the guest and direct guest spending during their stay towards hospitality travel and experiences. Talking about the new launch, Pranjal Prashar, Co-Founder & CEO, Xperium, said, “Modern travelers have evolved, they seek personalised experience beyond standard offerings. We have designed Xperium to be guest centric that will enhance revenue per occupied room and improve satisfaction for every guest. Fostering guest relationships and building brand loyalty is the only way a hospitality brand can continue to deliver exceptional guest experiences.