RCI has more to offer

The vacation ownership company has expanded the range of hotels it affiliates with to include business hotels as well, and is in talks with multiple properties for membership.

Hazel Jain

In order to change with its evolving customer base, RCI has become more inclusive and expanded the range and segment of hotels it affiliates with. Sharing more details is Sabina Chopra, Managing Director, RCI India, who says, “We are in talks with a few properties and we have just signed on Clarks Inn. We are talking to about seven other potential affiliates.” She says that the customer profile has been changing rapidly over the years. “There is an entire demographic change which is coming in. Earlier we used to have a 35 to 45-year-old customer with two children becoming members. Now, we are seeing interest from the millennials. We are also seeing queries from senior citizens who are investing in this product,” Chopra adds.

She explains that this changing clientele has dictated the kind of hotels and resorts RCI is partnering with now. “Originally, we only had leisure hotels because of the kind of clientele we had, which was mostly families. Now, we have business hotels also joining us. So, from leisure it is becoming urban vacation ownership as well. The product is also evolving and we will see more hotels from diverse segments joining us,” Chopra says.

The vacation ownership industry (what was earlier called time share industry) used to be based on a fixed model for a fixed period for a fixed hotel. It has now moved to being more flexible because people are now travelling throughout the year, explains Chopra. “They can use the properties or even exchange it for a different holiday or go for a cruise through us. We have affiliated with cruise liners all over the world,” she concludes.