Poona Hoteliers Association elects committee members and office bearers for 2020-21

Poona Hoteliers Association convened last week to elect the committee members and office bearers for the year 2020-21. The newly elected committee under the president Sharan Shetty who was re-elected for a second term renewed their resolve to continue the impactful representation of the industry’s cause, particularly in these unprecedented times.

The Poona Hoteliers Association (PHA) is a not for profit organisation working towards contributing to the community and upholding the interest of the hospitality stakeholders in Pune. Its contribution was evident in recent times during the pandemic when PHA was seen leading relief efforts through its member Hotels and working with the authorities in their efforts. The Poona Hoteliers Association further believe that the growth of this industry depends on the availability of trained manpower and to meet this demand, they hold several seminars and training programmes on operational topics for the staff and executives of the member hotels which facilitate this cause every month.

The Executive Committee (Office Bearers) of the Poona Hoteliers Association, 2020-21 include Mr Suresh Talera – President of Honour, Mr Neerav Panchamia – Immediate Past President, Mr Aditya Malla – Vice President, Mr Shrinivas Chaphalkar – Hon. Secretary, Amit Sharma – Jt. Hon. Secretary, Mr Vineet Mishra – Hon. Treasurer, and Ms Prapti Deshpande – Secretary-General.