IIHM and IHC celebrate International Hospitality Day globally on the online platform to uplift the spirit of hospitality

International Hospitality Day Virtual Celebration

Hospitality stalwarts and professionals from across the world joined in on the virtual platform to celebrate the 6th International Hospitality Day on 24th April. IHC and IIHM celebrations had to be restricted to the online platform. However, there was no dearth of enthusiasm as everyone joined in from across the world to experience the celebration.

The International Hospitality Day celebration kickstarted with a global celebration where international members of the International Hospitality Council were present. Prof. David Foskett, MBE, Chairman, International Hospitality Council (IHC) opened the global celebration with an inspirational address to all those associated with the Hospitality industry.

“The hospitality industry is vital to the world economy. Despite the troubles of the world, there is no lockdown on friendship and hospitality. It is a wonderful industry that will surely bounce back better once it opens up completely. It provides key skills and opportunities to young people. IIHM is an institution that leads in world initiatives like IT in the hospitality industry, creating opportunities and bringing people together. IIHM is a fantastic institution that has done so much to connect the World.”

“Hospitality is very close to our heart. We live and die for hospitality On International Hospitality Day, the entire hospitality fraternity has come forward to stand next to each other and support each other. We dedicate this International Hospitality Day to all the brave hearts of this industry, who, despite difficult times have tried to put a smile on people’s faces,” said Dr Suborno Bose, CEO and Convenor, International Hospitality Council and CEO and Chairman, IIHM, adding a note of positivity and passion.

Puneet Chhatwal, MD and CEO, Indian Hotels Company, was Guest of Honour at the event. “It’s a wonderful way to celebrate International Hospitality Day bringing in 50 different countries from different time zones on a single platform which has been made possible by IHC and IIHM. Hospitality has shown resilience, patience and compassion through the past year,” said Chhatwal.

Padma Chef Sanjeev Kapoor was also present and said, “Celebration is a feeling that comes from within and today the world has come together on International Hospitality Day to celebrate Hospitality. Congratulations to IIHM for instituting International Hospitality Council and establishing International Hospitality Day on 24th April. Hospitality industry has shown a lot of compassion in this pandemic period and has redefined its meaning. IHD has brought the world together to celebrate this compassion and hard work of individuals in this field.”

Eminent personalities related to the global and Indian hospitality industries attended the online celebrations on International Hospitality Day. Michelin star chef Chris Galvin, Chef Patron, Galvin Restaurants, Chef Karl Guggenmos, Dean of Culinary Development, Johnson and Wales University, USA, Chef Garth Stroebel and Chef Shaun Leonard from BHMS, Switzerland were among the attendees of at the virtual event.

“I congratulate IIHM, IHC and Dr Suborno Bose and everyone for keeping the spirit of hospitality alive. The Hospitality industry is invaluable to the world and there are essentially five pillars that will bring this industry back on its feet. First of all is our commitment to the industry that we love. Second is maintaining confidence that the industry will definitely come back after this brief setback. We all know that travelling is not just a physical journey but a mental journey as well and that is where hospitality plays a key role. Third is communication. There is a need to connect with people to make sure no one is alone. Fourth is compassion which so many people in this industry are showing through this pandemic, braving the virus to take care of people. The final one is connection. Connecting hospitality to other industries will help build the new future of this industry,” said Anita Mendiratta, Global Advisor and Author, Tourism and Development, Special advisor to Secretary General, UNWTO.