ICF to host 18th Annual Chef Awards 2021 on October 20th

ICF will be hosting 18th Annual Chef Awards 2021 at The Park Hotel, Connaught Place, New Delhi on October 20, 2021 as part of the celebrations of the International Chefs Day. The Chef Summit that will complete 9 years this time is another highlight of the glittering event. A three days Trade Test – a culinary competition – for the 18th edition of Annual Chef Awards will be held at Indian Culinary Institute (ICF), Noida. Over 100 odd chefs, coming from starred hotels and high-end stand-alone restaurants, would be competing amongst themselves in 8 different categories at this culinary platform in their bid to take home the coveted Best Chef awards.

The Jury comprises renowned chefs under the chairmanship of a WACS-certified chef. Noted Chef Umesh Mattoo will preside as the Chairperson of the jury, while Chef Sireesh Saxena will be the organizing secretary. In an endeavour to bring the best out of the upcoming chefs, Chef Davinder Kumar, President Indian Culinary Forum, said, “The prime objective of the Chef Awards is to provide the chefs with a platform where they can exhibit their culinary, preparation, and presentation skills and get rewarded for the same, in our bid to encourage them to match the International standards.