Hospitality will revive in three years: Mandeep Lamba

Speaking at the second session of the 3rd edition of the TravTalk Digital Conclave, Mandeep Singh Lamba, President – South Asia, HVS ANAROCK said, “There will be some stress as to how this is going to pan out. In terms of business it is going to be difficult. It will take three years to reach pre-COVID levels.”

This crisis has stirred the industry into making some serious changes, Lamba said, “We can see the industry bouncing back much quicker, because while demand will drop, it will hopefully bounce back as soon as there is a reduction in the number of cases, or a treatment or vaccine is available. However, there are going to be some permanent changes that will happen in the industry, both in terms of operations of the hotel and in terms of design. We need to understand that is perhaps not the last time we are seeing a disruption of this kind. It’s a reality, which can hit us again, and hence we need to be far better prepared the next time.”

“The payments will continue to happen through credit cards, but we are going to have a contact less check-in and check-out over the phone. The guest will have the bill sent on the phone and he doesn’t have to present the credit card to anyone on entering the hotel. There are going to be permanent disruptors, and I believe that it is now the death of the front office, as it will not be required any more. One can do all these things online very safely,” he concluded.