FHRAI requests for Industry Status in Telangana for hospitality sector


FHRAI and SIHRA met with the Principal Secretary, MAUD. Government of Telangana – Sri Arvind Kumar and Jayesh Ranjan, (IAS) Principal Secretary (I&C) & IT requesting for the Hospitality sector in the State to be granted Industry status. D.V.S. Somaraju submitted a representation on the subject. The apex Hospitality Association has also requested the Government to reduce the number of licenses for the Hospitality sector through introduction of single window clearance system. The FHRAI has pleaded to the State Government to accord industry status to help revive and augment the hospitality sector’s growth.

“The Government of Telangana has been always on the forefront with progressive measures and policies aimed for socio – economic development in the State. Its pioneering efforts in Ease of Doing Business have shown the way forward for other States in the country to emulate. However, today the Hospitality industry is waging a battle for its survival amidst increasing requirements of working capital vis-a-vis negative cash flows, threats of insolvency and millions of jobs losses,” says D.V.S. Somaraju.

“The COVID19 pandemic has caused significant and far-reaching economic damage to the hospitality sector in the country. The sector being a labor-and capital-intensive one dependent on travel, was the first causality of the pandemic and will be the last one to revive. The recovery of the sector is going to be a long-drawn-out affair without full-fledged resumption of domestic travel in the country. There is no foreign business to India since March 2020; and with no sign of international business to resume soon, the road ahead is full of uncertainties and difficult. The morale is at an all-time low today and granting Hospitality the status of industry will prove to be a much needed boost to the sector,” concludes D.V.S. Somaraju.